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Clevis: Clevis

Clevis Clevis fittings are used to connect clevis tongue insulators to other hardware.Item exceeds CSA C83 Charpy Level 1.5

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Clevis: Clevis 90 (Ductile iron)

Made from Ductile Cast Iron. Does not meet Charpy impact requirement.

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Clevis: Clevis 90°

Clevis Clevis fittings are used to provide universal joint when connecting plates and extension bars.Items exceed CSA C83 Charpy Level 1.5

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Clevis: Dead-End

The Dead-End Clevis is used to anchor metal cap suspension insulators.This Clevis is made from .375 x 2 inch (9.5 x 50.8 mm) flat steel bar and is...

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Clevis: Dead-End Primary

The Dead-End Clevis for use on 5 KV primary circuits is supplied in channel steel design. It is mounted with a .625inch (15.9 mm) diameter machine...

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Clevis: Dead-End Secondary

Spool Insulator Clevises are used at tangent, dead-end, or corner positions on either Triplex or open wire circuits.They are designed for .625 inch...

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Clevis: Double Eye

Double Eye Clevisis are used in semi-strain applications to connect two clamps to a tongue insulator.Material is ductile iron.

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Clevis: Thimble

The formed galvanized thimble clevis is normally used in conjunction with tongue style insulators for dead-ending of conductors, for the dead-ending...

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Clevis: Tongue

The Clevis Tongue is used to connect suspension clamps to other fittings and provide for motion.Items exceed CSA C83 Charpy Level 1.5

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