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Power: Splicing Sleeves for Stranded All Aluminum Conductor

These sleeves are designed to splice all aluminum conductors. Each sleeve is marked with catalogue stock number, conductor size, and installation tool groove.

• Seamless high conductivity aluminum tubing
• Sleeves develop 95% or more of rated breaking strength of the conductor in conformance with NEMA TDJ-162
• Inner bore filled with special oxide inhibiting compound
• Solid staked center barrier
• Capped ends

Product Details

Catalogue Number Conductor AWG/KCM Stranding Tool Groove Length inApprox Weight LBS/1000 Standard Package
AL-6-STR-J67 WIREJ2.5014100
AL-4-STR-P47 WIREP2.7532.5100
AL-4-STR-X47 WIREX2.755150
AL-4-STR-M47 WIREM3.2534100
AL-2-STR-T27,19 WIRET3.254250
AL-2-STR-X27,19 WIREX3.255450
AL-1-STR-G3317,19 WIREG336.0018525
AL-1/0-STR-G331/07,19 WIREG337.0020525
AL-1/0-STR-PEACH1/07,19 WIREPEACH7.0015025
AL-2/0-STR-G332/07,19,37 WIREG339.0022525
AL-3/0-STR-H543/07,19,37 WIREH5410.0040025
AL-4/0-STR-H544/07,19,37 WIREH5411.0043025
AL-250-75A2507,19,37,61 WIRE75A13.0065010
AL-266.8-75A2507,19,37,61 WIRE75A14.0073110
AL-266.8-75A266.87,19 WIRE75A14.0073110
AL-300-76A30019,37,61 WIRE76A14.00110010
AL-336.4-76A336.419 WIRE76A15.00114410
AL-350-76A35019,37,61 WIRE76A15.00116910
AL-397.5-77A397.519 WIRE77A15.00167310
AL-477-27AH47719,37 WIRE27AH16.00260010
AL-477-77A47719,37 WIRE77A16.00168110
AL-600-27AH60037,61,91 WIRE27AH18.00330010
AL-795-2879537,61 WIRE2819.003500none
AL-795-2880061,91 WIRE2819.003500none
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