Substation Hardware


Terminal: Cable to Pad

A heavy duty terminal of high strength U bolt construction.
These terminals accommodate a large range of cable sizes including solid wire sizes up to 4/0.
High copper alloy castings with stainless steel U bolts, nuts and lockwashers ensure permanent connections and corrosion resistant assemblies.

Product Details

MC Cat. No. Cable Range Min Cable Range Max Fig No C inD inL inT inU-Bolt Dia
UF042001#6 AWG2/0 AWG11.501.623.620.253/8''
UF042002#6 AWG2/0 AWG21.503.125.250.253/8''
UF053001#1 AWG4/0 AWG11.501.624.000.313/8''
96087UF053002 TN#1 AWG4/0 AWG21.503.125.250.313/8''
UF0630011/0 AWG300 MCM11.501.884.620.383/8''
UF0630021/0 AWG300 MCM21.503.125.880.383/8''
96065UF063004TN1/0 AWG300 MCM33.003.316.060.253/8''
UF081002300 MCM500 MCM21.503.386.380.383/8''
UF081004300 MCM500 MCM33.003.316.310.313/8''
UF103002500 MCM800 MCM21.503.757.500.381/2''
96060UF103004TN500 MCM800 MCM33.003.317.000.441/2''
UF115002750 MCM1000 MCM21.503.757.750.381/2''
UF115004750 MCM1000 MCM33.003.317.310.441/2''
UF1410021000 MCM1500 MCM21.503.508.000.501/2''
UF1410041000 MCM1500 MCM33.003.508.000.501/2''
UF1630021500 MCM2000 MCM21.503.007.500.501/2''
UF1630041500 MCM2000 MCM33.003.007.500.501/2''
96081UFD141004S11000 MCM1500 MCM43.''
96085UFT141006S11000 KCM1500 KCM53.124.008.750.621/2''
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