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Dampers: Stockbridge Vibration for 230 KV

Stockbridge Dampers are available in two types:
• standard for transmission line voltage up to 115 kv
• improved corona, with larger contours, for 115 kv up to 230 kv.

Both types feature captive, aligned components for ease of installation using standard hot line tools, and asymmetric shaped end weights allow 3 modes of vibration, enhancing the energy dissipation over a wide range of frequencies.

SLACAN has a computer program which will, given the design tension, conductor parameters and exposure conditions, determine the correct damper for your application and calculate the optimum location for placement. Contact SLACAN with your particulars for assistance in selection. For other sizes consult the factory.

1.All ferrous materials are galvanized
2.Installation torque
1/2'' bolt - 25 ft. lb.
5/8'' bolt - 50 ft. lb.

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Cat.No. MC Minimum Conductor Range Maximum Conductor Range Bolt Dia. A B Standard Package Unit Weight lb
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